Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 month Challenge

I used to have abs...I still have abs, but not the glorious defined abs that used to be on my body. A year and a half ago my abs looked like this:

Now my body is toned but not well defined IE:

My goal is to get back my abs, increase my pectoral's, arms, shoulders, and my back. I am very determined to stop being just "Healthy" and start getting the body I really want. Tonight was the start of this adventure. I ran 4.5-5 miles up and down hills. Here is my plan:

1. Eliminate extra sugar, crap food will now take up 10% or less of my diet.
2. Increase protein dramatically. Eggs, fresh fruit, cottage cheese and whey.
3. Take supplemental fish oil's and other vitamins my diet is low in.
4. Snack frequently and on low carb. high protein nuts and dried berries.
5. Gym every 3-4 times a week with yoga and light endurance training in between.
6. Cut out chemicals and additives I cannot pronounce, (If I don't know what it is, my body probably doesn't either.
7. Gain weight to turn into muscle with a large amount of whole milk, and yogurt (Apparently this stuff is the greatest at that.)
8. Really use the gym membership I am getting tomorrow for something besides the hookups that are likely to happen :P (Cardio workout??)
9. Use my roomate for support and help him too!
10. Carb load after workouts, and protein before (This is the apparent best order to do that...)
11. Stop eating the terrible food for me at my job.
12. Midnight snacks now becoming things like berries, not pie...

Wish me luck!
And Boy from previous post and I broke up. The relationship made me realize just how bad I am at leaning on other people, and that you really need to talk to people more with your mouth, and less with your body :P


  1. Good for you. I never had the commitment to try such a thing as a young man, and now that I put a little effort into it the sad truth is that there are simply some limitations to what can be accomplished with a 40-something.

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