Friday, August 26, 2011


So... I posted this:
‎2 shots of tequila
1 shot of Pear vodka
2 shots of Regular vodka
1 shot of gin
2 shots of citron
2 shots of coconut rum
Stupid Norwegian ancestors!! I should at least be tipsy by now!!!

And than, I went to bed (Around 10:00 WAYYY earlier than normal btw)

Than I woke up at 4ish in the AM and watched some dexter, (No hangover) Got up for some mint chocolate chip Ice Cream (Mmmmmm!!) and returned to my phone ringing and my mother raging. So she went momma on me, and I told her that while I respect her opinion I was fine, and that If I was capable of responding to everyone's comments (Without grammar and spelling errors) and write like a 3 paragraph letter to this guy I like (QnA mostly) with coherency, I probably didn't over do it...And she raged some more, and I told her that when she was ready to apologize for overreacting and overreaching she knew who to call. And the most annoying part is this: My mother was a damned bar tender around my age, and she gets off lecturing me? She knows that 10 shots isn't going to kill anyone, but I need a lecture about asphyxiation???

Not cool...

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