Sunday, December 11, 2011


They hiss and spit, and do conspire

To force a trip into guilt's dark fire

They scream and shout that at the close

They might hear their own echos .

I wrote this a while back But am posting this for judy, my love :P

Saturday, October 8, 2011


So...Basically, I am not SUPER high maintenance, but I do expect a little contact, IE text goodnight and such. (Ohhh, and I have been with a perdy great guy for about a month and a half) And so, when he texted me like...maybe once in 2 and a half days, and didn't explain why, and was still updating his twitter regularly...I got moderately furious... so I figured I'd wait. Than at like 1230 today I got 5 texts in about 30 seconds, and turns out, my phone sucks...and now we are pretty kool again. I called him, and we were both...kinda laughing, and feeling anger diffuse :P

Friday, August 26, 2011


So... I posted this:
‎2 shots of tequila
1 shot of Pear vodka
2 shots of Regular vodka
1 shot of gin
2 shots of citron
2 shots of coconut rum
Stupid Norwegian ancestors!! I should at least be tipsy by now!!!

And than, I went to bed (Around 10:00 WAYYY earlier than normal btw)

Than I woke up at 4ish in the AM and watched some dexter, (No hangover) Got up for some mint chocolate chip Ice Cream (Mmmmmm!!) and returned to my phone ringing and my mother raging. So she went momma on me, and I told her that while I respect her opinion I was fine, and that If I was capable of responding to everyone's comments (Without grammar and spelling errors) and write like a 3 paragraph letter to this guy I like (QnA mostly) with coherency, I probably didn't over do it...And she raged some more, and I told her that when she was ready to apologize for overreacting and overreaching she knew who to call. And the most annoying part is this: My mother was a damned bar tender around my age, and she gets off lecturing me? She knows that 10 shots isn't going to kill anyone, but I need a lecture about asphyxiation???

Not cool...

Monday, July 25, 2011

It is time.

I am sitting here crying, allot. It feels like the world has lifted off my shoulders!! I am 18, and I know that It changes basically nothing, but I feel so free. I can start my life now, I can finally have a chance at being myself. I get to move in with d--e soon, and we will have a blast. He is a great guy, and I cannot wait to be his roommate. I feel so good right now, and I could just explode.

Happy 18th birthday me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seattle and questions!!

Well....I am moving to Seattle, my roomy Moving Horizons and I have picked out a lovely apartment in a GREAT location and I could not be more ecstatic!!

And as far as questions:

Should I bring my booty shorts?
Should I buy some glitter??
Will I get mauled by sparkly vampires?
and that is all.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Major, overdue Update-

So, wow...Not that many of you listen (Not trying to sound dramatic or anything) I haven't told any of you ANYTHING recently!!! Except dave :)

Sooo, Let's start with the relationship that just ended:

I Met him online (Score one for dating cites)....and I really liked him. Almost instantly I felt a major connection to him, and he had facial hair...So I was pretty much head over heels within a week. He has a unique name, A whole lot of arrogance, and he was only 23...which if you look to the average age of people I have dated is two years younger than the 25 year's that has become the normal. (I like older guys, what can I say :] ) (Also....not that many available 33 is better than no date :P )

First date coffee shop, 40 min later, my bedroom (Just to chat you silly boys) and than a goodbye kiss 5 hours later (How I managed to keep my hands off him is a mystery to this day...)

That was the last real date...
After that it was spending the night at his house, or him at mine (I didn't live with my parents through the relationship) No sex, he was always too tired from work, or just not in the mood (WHICH DROVE ME CRAZY...I mean, sex isn't that big of a deal, but he would say super dirty things in a sexy voice, than be like "Naaaaa, kinda tired...")

We would lay in his bead, and talk, and watch QAF (Queer as folk) And Snuggle, which on paper sounds nice. In all actuality it got steadily more boring, and frustrating as time went on.

He never wanted to go out, never wanted to eat, he was like that robot
You know that one.....with the arms....and well, I can't think of it!

And I kept going on. We dated for 3 months, never went official, and only had one real date....So basically we were gay married :P.

It got so bad that in his depression, he was making me doubt, dislike, and distrust myself, the positive things that were happening, and other's.

I started noticing this when I realized that I hadn't really talked to one of the greatest people in the world, and probably my best friend Moving Horizons in almost 3 month, and for that babe...I am really sorry, you deserved better (Period.)

And than I see my first ex, is now dating my second(ish) ex (We never really dated, we just text flirted for a month or two) and I am like "LOL" and "OMG" all at once! And At the same time I am laughing and spazzing, I am wishing those silly boys the best...except ex 1 is really mature, so man works interchangeably with boy.

And so, back to The new ex, who we shall call linda...(Girls name....w/e) Needed to become an ex. But....Linda has depression, and booze, and a drawer full of sleeping Being like "Yo' jackass, you make me feel like less of a person, and I really can't stand seeing you anymore" I pulled out a rainbow bullet and shot this queer demon in it's Sequin covered heart. I said "I really care about you, and Though I'm not in love with you -linda- I do love you babe"

Like a charm, he didn't text me again, and he de-friended me on facebook... SUCCESS!!!!! and I didn't have to hurt him....hold the applause, thank you...thank you!!
Bobby Higley
(The picture is even me!!!)
And so, I will leave you now, with this post of long nothingness and go to bed....because...well....I am sleepy, and work was sucky!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Homophobia is a myth to me

I really really get annoyed when I see things like "They were being homophobic" or "Homophobia is running rampant" Phobias are fears, and honestly gays (Excluding some S&M homos) are not scary, and heteros are not scared.
hell no!
I just wish people would stop putting hatred under the guise of a fear. Some people hate the gays, some people might fear the "Gay agenda" (See equality)
But homophobia is a myth to me.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ohhhh, what games we play....

So...Here is the game:
The first person to "score" loses....

Guess what??

I want to lose...badly...

Monday, January 24, 2011


Well, I think I need to stop jumping into things....falling just leads to enormous amounts of anxiety.

So....yea...Where have I been?

Your guess is just about as likely as mine.
I am 100% out
I lost the V, and regretted it horribly...
Compounded the loss of the V.... regretted it a little....

Looked at past relationships and realized I am slightly necrotic, and that indecision is the absolute worst quality a guy can have.

Moved out of my parents house, and now live with a really great friend, and I am encouraged to date.

Need a job, but that is looking to be remedied with an INCREDIBLE job at a high end eatery.
and I feel happy...which I quite like

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Uggggg, why is life so complicated??

So....Allot has happened, and it has just been complicated. I officially hate boys...and have become somewhat of a man fun fun...

Who visited lil' ol' me