Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wow, wow

I just got home from some major coworker partying...Nothing R rated (sadly :P). We went to Applebees and I wanted to share a truly moving experience.

When we came in (around 1030) we all sat down and quickly began carousing. About 15 min. later I noticed a man sitting in a booth not to far from us alone. He seemed rather creepy at first, early to late fifties, gray hair, and he seemed like he was staring at the girls in our party...My coworkers are far as women go... :P. So the creeping seemed most likely. I wanted a better look, just to see if my suspicions were well founded, and I was surprised when I figured things out...

It wasn't my coworkers that he was looking at, it was me...He was staring just at me...I than noticed the purple shirt with stage logo's on it, his left ear piercings, and his effeminate jawline...he was an old queen, and I smiled at him and went back to being the life of the party...This is not my ego...being gay and 100% out in Idaho is like being a male Ellen D. I have fans....and it is exhausting :)

About 45 min. later I felt a hand grab my shoulder, and it was him, the queen I had forgotten about in my festivities. (I say this trying not to cry...) He was crying, he was smiling, and than he said "If I had possessed even a fraction of the courage, and had even an portion of the comfort with myself that you have at your age, my life could have been so beautiful...tonight, just watching how you pushed the boundaries, joked, made EVERYONE at that table fall madly in love with your humor made me so regretful, and hopeful...all at the same time...I don't know whether to laugh or cry...but being the queen I am, I am already crying..."

I listened to this, trying not to let my inner queen out, and leaned up and kissed him on his scraggily cheek and said "It is not just me, it is this generation...The things that your generation have done has made it so that I could be me, and others in the LGBT community could be themselves. We know who we are, and we will change this country, I hope we both can see it one day."

He than said, still crying "Ohhh I will long be buried in my glittery coffin by the time kids like you can end all the hatred..."

I said "Well, than a few weeks before you pass... Cryogenicly freeze yourself, and when you wake up, I will have the worlds greatest themed brunch ready in celebration."

He cried some more, we hugged goodbye and I will probably never see him again...

This may sound crazy, impossible, and unlikely...But it really happened....and in Idaho falls,

"It's a small world after all..."

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