Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hi! It's Butterflies and hand grenades again, and this time with a real post.

Frankly, the novelty of the "veil of secrecy" that comes with a my title is wearing thin, and so without further ado...Me:

My name is Robert Douglas Higley, but I go by Bobby :)
The name Butterflies and Hand Grenades came from my Initials, as defined by me.

(Quite simple, right?)

I am tired of hiding on blogger, because I am no longer hiding in real life, and being closeted online is rather silly when even my neighbors I haven't met know I'm of the clan of men who have lot's of shoes. This because I blast Ke$ha and Gaga every other day. (I then of course proceed to BELT the lyrics as loud as possible while dancing in my room :D )

So, here is a link to my Facebook @ <-
I don't have a Myspace :(
And if you as for my phone # and I ascertain that you are not a fifty year old creep (No offence to the fifty year old creeps who read...I assume there are VAST numbers of them) I will gladly grant you that privilege :P

Ummm background, I was born in Utah...please save the tears for later...I moved to Cali, than back to Utah (Now you can cry) Moved to Florida, fell majorly in love with the Ocean, and than moved to Idaho (Please, sob all you want) where I currently reside :(

I am in High School, as a senior. Though I get my associates degree before I get my HS diploma...warped right??

I LOVE TO COOK!!! I cook Italian, French (!!!!!), Americana...when I am forced to...and am starting to dominate Moroccan!!

I talk...allot...obviously...

And I really like meeting new people, have an awesome day


  1. I will sob about you moving to Idaho.

  2. Hey Bobby, I hope to read more from you! You are definately an interesting character!!



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