Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In response to "Vidalia Onions, Christ Jesus, and Gay Marriage"

That is the link to the site that this is in response for. Honestly one of the best worded and least offensive anti-gay marriage arguments I have ever read...Check it out if you would like.

Here is my response:

Honestly, though I disagree with much of what you have said, I really respect your analogies, and ideals. That being said, I would like to say why I personally want the shift in the definition.

Many people believe that homosexuality is a choice, I can assure you, it is not. With this difference, whether it is a choice or not, we see in the individuals a desire for respect. But even more than respect, we want understanding. The vast majority of homosexuals want to live a life that is not always under the scrutiny of their peers. We do not seek out negative attention, who would??

This taken into account easily explains why we want the word marriage. Marriage is something that is glorified in many instances by Hollywood, and even by Disney. We have grown up seeing that as our happy ending. No kid, either straight or gay, watches cinderella and thinks "Boy, I sure don't want to end up happily ever after...and I sure would like a civic union" Not a chance. We want normalacy, and though you may deem it abnormal, for is the ONLY normal we can strive for. Sir, you are obviously very intelligent, but you lack a certain perspective that you were blessed not to have. I really hated myself for the longest time, and than I had an revelation...If I can't change, that means that I was made this way, and if that's true than maybe I am meant to be this way.

Sir, I want my big white wedding, and I will strive for the rest of my life to get it. Have a great day, we all need great days :)


  1. Interesting article. I liked his jabs at the Mormon community in their misappropriation of the name "Jesus". LOL!

  2. BHG -- Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post! My goal was not confrontation, but an attempt at honest communication and understanding. While we will probably never totally agree on the issue of same-sex marriage, it doesn't mean that we can't enjoy conversation!

    (For the record, my wife doesn't agree with me either! This is one of those areas where we have drawn sides and just agree to disagree!)

    I appreciate your comments on how the gay community views marriage and why you are advocating for same-sex marriage. Being outside your community I cannot fully comprehend your understandings or emotions on this subject, and I appreciate your attempt to help me understand your view-point. My post and my argument, simple as it was, was merely my attempt to let you see how some in the conservative Christian community view same-sex marriage, and to start an open and honest dialogue on the issue. Thanks!

  3. BHG -- One more comment. Based on your posts, I think you are a remarkably gifted writer and communicator, especially for someone still in their teens! Your logical defense of your position and your concise, clear way of communicating such is admirable! Good luck with your blog, and I hope you get many readers tuning in to hear your thoughts and comments!

  4. Thank you for your kind words! I really do not expect us to be in contact very commonly, but I just wanted to say how much I respect you. You are not like the typical "Gay bashing" Christian, you put yourself, and even god, above the human fault that is hate. I think you, and god, may get angry, even vengeful sometimes...but "Love thy Neighbor" and in god's case love period, still enters your heart and mind. Keep trying to open dialog between the two "sects," bridge builders are the best. And you sir, are an architect. (Even though we are both on opposite sides of the theoretical least the fog is clearing and we can see the other sides.)


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