Wednesday, July 21, 2010

-Why we gays are so stereotypical part 2-

This is my humble attempt to figure these mysterious stereotypes out
Why we are typically stylish:

In my opinion this is extremely easy to define. In the period of our lives where we are closeted we feel suppressed. We are not able to express ourselves in the ways we would like, and our self esteem is typically low. When we look inside and see something we don't like, I believe that we attempt to overcompensate through dress.

People notice when you look really good, and hearing that praise that may come from wearing coordinated clothes is like crack-cocaine to the compliment starved. When you are closeted you cannot really do much to draw attention, some gays (not many lesbians in this example) will join things like the cheer-leading squad...all the while not realizing that they effectively outed themselves by even considering such an obvious incursion into "chick" territory. Many closeted individuals are scared enough that they would never consider such an "out-able" method for acceptance, and will do the safer thing and just dress above average.

In a way, this stereotype, and a few others, only occur because they are stereotypes. I know that probably sounds confusing, so please allow me to explain before you reach for the Excedrin. Even closeted gays know that gays typically dress well, if a bit flamboyantly, so they feel safe and feel like they are embracing the part of themselves that they want to hide by dressing well, but not to flamboyantly. In essence, if they cannot be a flamingo, they will at least wear pink.

In a shortened sense, gays dress well (and I guess lesbians dress horrifically...JK) because they have low self esteem in the closeted period(typically up until late HS), which carries over into adulthood, they want to express themselves in a safe way, and because they want to embrace their gay identity.

The next installment will be on why gays stereotypically love to cook( I will also do a few from the lesbian perspective later on in the "series" (haha, how am I so dorky??)


  1. Hi, BHG. You are an amazing writer. Are you SURE you are 17? You seem so much older. :)

    I noticed that you have begun following my blog. I just wanted to let you know that I had to tweak my blog address. In the process, I deleted one blog and put another one up. If you are still interested in following, my site is:

    Hope life is treating you well!

    Happy morning. :)

  2. Actually my age is a little off...I turn 17 in 4 days!!! But yes, If you want to send me an email, I will show you my FB...I am fine with people finding out who I am, I just want them to have read something of me, and understand before they pass judgments. If that is something you wish to do...well than...go for it :D I would LOVE to talk to you, and either Gmail chat or FB chat would be great. What are we both doing up this late?? Lol

  3. Good morning, BHG. Or, are YOU still sleeping? :) And, what exactly WERE you doing up so late? :) Me, I am always up late- cannot sleep, foot pain, blah blah blah. :)

    I, sadly, am not on Facebook, nor am I on google talk. I stay away from social networks and chat rooms. I have found they are not a good thing for me. I really appreciate the offer, though! I will keep in touch. I promise. :)

    Happy day!

    And, happy birthday in 4 days! The 25th? Yay! Or, 26th? I could not tell because of the time of night you told me- :)

  4. Haha, I slept until I had to get up and finish my paper that was due today....obviously I procrastinated...haha And no worries about the whole chat thing. Your story just reminds me of my aunt's and I just find you to be interesting. (even the foot pain lol...Very similar...scary almost..) And I was up that late typing a paper for my English 102 class (I may be 16 (17 on the 26th) but I am pretty smart...sometimes :D) I had to redo the paper because I lost the file that I had saved it to...a five page research paper is a pain...
    Have a great day dear blog author!

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