Sunday, July 18, 2010

-Why we gays are so stereotypical part 1-

I have been thinking about this topic for a while, and I think I can explain why most gays have so many likes and dislikes in common. I am obviously not the first person to realize that we all have allot in common, and probably not even the first to try to understand why. Here is my humble attempt to explain why so many gays have so many stereotypes in common. To start off, first we have to look at the stereotypes themselves. Here are the first that I will go through:

1. An appreciation of theater

First is an appreciation of theater. The root of this “trait” that runs rampant through the homosexual population is rather complex, in my opinion. Most gays go through a closeted period, where they know that they are gay, but are ashamed of it due to societal and religious dogma. It is this period where the person has to pretend. They must pretend to “like” the opposite gender, they must pretend to not “like” the same gender, they must pretend to have relationships, they have to pretend like chick flicks are lame *Shudder*, and must essentially play the part of normal guy/girl. This is what theater is all about; playing the part of someone you are not, to please the crowd. In this period of self-loathing, and hiding, the person in question feels smothered and feels like who they are is being suppressed. When you hate who you are, being someone else, and being applauded for it, really is great. In addition we love the way it makes us feel.

When you are on stage, you are the center of attention (something that most closeted gays rarely get, due to the fact that being “normal” is far from exciting) it makes a monumental difference. When we finally have an outlet for being, or even have the opportunity to watch someone else be loud, proud, and most importantly themselves, it really strikes a chord. How can we not feel, and be touched by the ideals that theater pushes out so thoroughly??? Drama teachers and acting coaches always have stressed that you should be your character, but never lose yourself. How can we not be touched when we hear the message “Be yourself!!” over and over again? How can we not feel empowered and special when we see an actor/actress on a stage singing their heart out about being true to themselves? In my case, how could I not feel like taking on the world when listening to “Defying Gravity”??

In simple terms, and in summary, we love theater because theater is the exhibition of oneself. After oppressing yourself, nothing could be sweeter.

The next installment will be why I think gays are stereotypically stylish. (At the moment I have a list of 4 more that I will take on, if you have one that you want me to write about, let me know.


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