Saturday, July 10, 2010

Me, and my friend Moving Horizons!

So, a new, and unique experience occurred on Thursday.
In accordance with serendipity, me and blogger Moving Horizons we actually able to meet in SLC! I was in town for a concert (Though I really don't even like the band...) and he was there for work, and a visit to family explained in his coming out post's. It was sort of scary, really fun, and many other things...but the biggest thing it was, was relaxing. There was very little stress, even when his


temporary roommate started an argument that defied monotonous.
Here are some events:

We meet up at pioneer park, which was PACKED with people who were attending the concert, I ditched the friends who I had came with, went to MH's temporary appartment, argued with his roommate for 45 min.+, went to the M. Mall, ate yummy food, talked some (Not as much as I would have liked to) and the night ended...

Sorry that is so...abrupt/stop-n'-go but I am rather tired :P
Have a good night, dear blogging world...

Love ya' like a sister (Hahaha) MH


  1. I'm glad you had a good meet-up with Horizon. I had a great time when I met him too!

  2. you. don't. really. like. modest. mouse. WTH.
    just kidding.

    i just got back from salt lake. also super tired.

  3. Curie-Haha, he really is a nice guy.

    Paul-Hahaha, They are okay, but I wasn't about to get heat stroke in a crowd of 3000+ people to hear them...Not my cup-a'-tea.


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