Friday, July 2, 2010

Friends, and reactions to coming out.

Ohhh goodness, I am going to need allot of fake names! I have, in the last couple of weeks, gone on a coming out spree, to close friends, and distant family. Here are some reactions...edited

1. Cousin: "Haha...too funny!! Ohhhh wait, you are serious???" "I have a gay cousin???? AWESOME!!!" And then we rocked out to Ke$ha...I love dancing, and I laughed super hard!!!
2. Friend T---y: "lol, really???, I guess I can tell you now, I liked you for a while! This makes things...odd" Me and T---y are now Amazing friends, and what was a fun, and meaningless friendship is now one of the greatest that I have.
3. Friend S--A: "OMG YAAAAAAAYYYYY" "I have a gay friend now!!!" Hahaha, loved that! She was so cool about it that we have became even better friends than we were before.
4. Friend N--a: (She has been my best friend for 5 years...I cannot believe I didn't tell her) "Wow...why didn't you tell me earlier, I love you so much that it would have never changed anything." (I who almost never cries...Balled my eyes out...I was so relieved.) She than proceed ed to show me all the gay guys she knows (712 FB friends) to figure out my kind of guy. (Aka Stubble to facial hair 1/4 of an inch long max, tanish, smart looking, 6'1 perfect teeth...I know...Not many have them all...I will find him...don't you worry.)
5. Friend J--y: "That's why you dress so well!!!" Haha I love her to pieces!
6. Friend B-----r: (Only guy on the list) "Lol so what??" His non-caring attitude made me so happy, you wouldn't believe what indifference to my "dirty little secret" feels like!
7. Friend M-----y: "BHG (substitute for first name) DARLING, I am so happy for you!! And this explains your amazing hair." (I promise that I am not trying to build myself up, this is almost verbatim what they all have said)
8: Grandmother: (ROAR!!! I accidentally left my email up, and she read my college paper about sociatial pressures towards conformity, which included heavy amounts of personal stories, and my coming out story....) "I don't give a damn BHG!!! I love you, and want you to find the peace, and happiness you deserve."I forgave her instantly, she defied social norms to the extreme. She is a neo-conservative active Mormon housewife of 75 years...I was shocked. I love you grandma (Not that she reads my blog)
Thanks for reading!


  1. I just remembered you asked me some questions. Since those were in the middle of my blog randomly, i figured here s the best place to answer them!
    1. Facial hair, or no??? (on a guy)
    No unless it REALLY looks good on him. On me, NEVER!
    2. Wicked, or Rent???
    Can I answer Spring Awakening and American Idiot instead? No, fine of these i totally choose Rent! Sorry Wicked lovers, Rent is way more beautiful and meaningful and the songs are so much catchier than Wicked's though I LOVE the set!
    3. Favorite movie???
    So many! Umm Foreign: A Very Long Engagement yeah dude I have to leave that, i cannot think of certain ones right now!


  2. Oh cool wow that is awesome, amazing that your grandmother completely accepts you! YAY!!! Congratulations on the successful wave of coming out!
    PS Sorry about the other comment, when was writing it in the comment box the post was empty lol.

  3. Good for you for being honest with those you care about.

  4. Glad to hear your coming out is going well!

  5. I very much enjoyed your coming out stories!

  6. Wow... it's going well.
    Are you sure that nobody dislike your coming out?

    Joned ^_^


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