Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Step off the stage- My religion

My view of religion…
Though it may seem strange for a young guy to say, due to my life experiences I have, sort of invented my own religion…Before you leave this blog screaming “SPAWN OF_______
(Insert evil deity here)
It isn’t the Pastafarian level of crazy…(If you are Pastafarian….sorry…but you are nuts… : )
My religion is like this…

Any religion that brings you closer to god is the one you should be in, that there is no “True Church”, and that all religions that teach correct principles and bring you closer to God are correct (FOR YOU). Now here is the reason why… I have been to Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Mormon, Baptist, even Hindu religious meetings and in every religion where I met people who practiced the religion they all had three things in common.

1. All of them were utterly convinced that their religion was the ONLY true one. Statistically that means, outside of Catholic and Hindu, incredibly minuscule percentages of the human race would ever have a chance to get to each religion’s effective heaven. Why would a God, who in most cases professes to love mankind, only allow or give a golden star of approval to 0.002% of the human race (this being the Mormon percentage, seeing as most people who see my blog probably are Mormon…gota’ love the MoHo directory…) to receive the title of the “Only true Church” may I remind you, all churches, however divinely acknowledged are institutions created by man and ran by man, and thus prone to human faults and errors.

2. The ultimate objective of a moral person is to become the best they can be, not just fit into the category of “Devout _____.” ( ______ obviously standing for religious title)

3. I personally believe that indoctrination of any sort destroys free thinking and forces upon children and eventual adults either conformity or societal disproval. When others tell us things like “My church is true, my church is true…..ect” from the time we are aware of our own existence, we are forever lessened and less ourselves.

I think it is high-time that people STEP OFF THE STAGE there is only one part you can ever be happy playing, and that is yourself. There are Billions of people playing ignorant and close-minded religious frantic. Please, dear reader, don’t be defined by others, and be yourself….no one else is playing the part and everyone else is taken. Who knows? Maybe your part is the lead role? Audition to find out-
(Auditions being held at every moment of your life in every place you will ever go)
-Sincerely, BHG

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