Thursday, June 3, 2010

Basic Q.N.A

You, as my readers, probably have questions about me and so I will do my best to answer some basic ones and any other questions you have in the form of your comments.
1. What is your favorite color? -Maroon for sure I love red and brown is great...but together, it is like citrus and cheese cake!
2. Have any pets?- Yes a love bird named URB (pronounced like herb) it is an acronym for Un-Ripe-Bananas because, being a peach faced love bird, it is roughly the same color. A puppy named Frodo because it is short and has hairy feet...And a cat, who is evil.
3. What do you look like? -Perv's I'm underage! (Just joking) Blond with curly long(ish) blond hair, slim(not rail thin or anything crazy like that), blue eyes, full lips, and pale, but healthy looking skin, and a very nice chin...if I do say so myself...
4. What is your favorite food?- Hardest question ever asked to me...Mannicottie avec sause de fromage et alfrodo/ Fresh baked french bread (NOT the WAL-Mart kind...) with Bree, Havarti, or good Gouda/ Red Robin steak fries (My (no longer) hidden weakness) and many other tasty dishes...
5. Favorite animal? lame as it sounds...Pterodactyl!
6. Favorite thing to do?- Surf/ reading a good book. Both when it is raining. (surfing in rain is amazing, and the sound of rain while reading is SO calming it should be illegal.)
7. Favorite Broadway play/musical? WICKED 100%, no doubt, and two thumbs WAAAAAY up!
8. Fondest memory? Lying on the bottom of the pool I had in florida staring up at the stars when the water was completly still, I was breathing from a scuba tank and stayed there until I almost ran out of air.

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  1. you so dont have a email listed but so i just hunted for a blog with no comments. if you wanna chat or something you can shoot me an email. you have so much more figured out then i ever did at 16.


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