Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One of probably more people adversely affected by the fireside

When I said to many people in private that this fire side would be a mistake...I received responses like "Naaaaa, at least they are talking about it!" This is just the conversation between me, and a kid who went, who two hours later said "I choose to be straight, It is a choice."
(Warning extreme levels of ignorance, and bad grammar on his part, may cause a drop in IQ)


Hello ------, I was referred to you by a friend, and If you are interested, I can direct you to an online database called the "MoHo Blogisphere" It is a collection of Mo, as in mormon, Ho as in homosexuals, who write, and read about people in a similar situation. The great thing about this collection of blogs, is that it is not one sided, there are men, like you, that seem to be choosing to go the path of MOM (Mixed Orientation Marriages), there are those who are in them, and there are those that have left them. Also in attendance is a whole bushel of other circumstances. Here is the link, if you would like to look at it, and If you want to talk, I have allot of insight in the matter.

I am also a homosexual, and If you could keep that in confidence, I would appreciate it. My parents have forbidden me from coming out until I graduate. I have been in the situation you would like to go into, and can give some help, from practical experience. I am a little biased, but I know both the sides. Have a great day, and ignore this message if you would like. It is your choice ------, and it always will be.

Heres the thing. Im not gay anymore nor do i ever want to be. I dont like being gay and im turning my life around. Im joing the church again and im gonna become a faithful memeber to the LDS religion. Im not gay so please dont act like i am
Haha, okay. Thats fine, the thing is that there are many people on the blogs doing the exact same thing. You would be very conceded to think that you are unique in this instance, or that you can't use a little help. Homosexuality, no matter what you seem to think, is not removable it is a recessive genetic gene. I spent 8 years praying for it to go away...Obviously didn't work. I am not trying to "Re-Gay" you or anything, just saying you are not alone, and it is not possible in the way you would like to think. Seriously...who do you think you are? If you think you are the man who will finally "beat" homosexuality, than good luck...but it doesn't work that way.
Actually it does you havent had enough faith. It is not a gene it is an orientation. It seriously is not genetic. BUt you can think that and go on in disbeleif. We are not born gay god would not do that to us. I dont need help from that site and i dont care to look into it. I got gods help and the scriptures and i can be fixed. Also if it was genetic god would still be able to fix it cause he is the creator of all and he has the power to do so. So whatever you beleif god can still change it no matter what. But i do not belive in that way i think its just an orientation and nothing more. Im not gay im straight i like girls and i dont believe in that kind of lifestyle. Dont try to tell me otherwise i know what im like i know what i feel and i definatley do not like guys at all. Im not gay.
Really, because you are fit to judge my faith? You are obviously an imbecile, who has never heard of the Human Genome Project where they proved that homosexuality is a genetic thing, like green or brown eyes. You can argue with science, but it just makes you look even more stupid than your piss poor grammar does Have a nice life jackass, and when your Mixed Orientation Marriage falls apart like many of them do...Hope you have fun with divorce, and child support. And even if god could change me...I would never take it, I am happy, and I know who I am.

Needless to say I was very displeased with the religious assumptions, and indoctrination that is apparent in even this Non-Mormon.


  1. I honestly don't think that attending the fireside would have produced the result you described. He may have attended, but I think too much credit to any one event would be given to evoke his professed convictions.

  2. lets play nice now kiddies. ahahaha get it?

    You COULD have ended it better(we don't want to start a civil war now, we're all on the same side here ^__^ ). There will be many people who have different ideals than your own. Let them learn, and leave an open invitation of support.

    You're 16. Go out and have fun.

  3. I also do not think that the fireside was the cause of all the woes, but it contributed to his idea that he could "Change." And Previously there was a comment from "Andrew." Just so you know a little bit more. First I was trying to make the situation lighthearted with my "Haha" not pointing out any flaws. Secondly, you claim that I am ignorant when I say that there is factual evidence from the Human Genome project, do not assume you know anything either. I have an uncle who is one of the scientists on the project, who I have had some rather in depth conversations with concerning this EXACT matter. Third my grammar cannot even be compared! Really, I passed English 101 in 14 min!!!!! I C.L.E.P.'ed out of the class when I was 15 years old, with a 100%. I wrote that, and this, in very little time, (And the guy I was writing to just turned 23!!!!) . And as for ignorant, and crude...I left out an entire segment (Because it was absolutely disgusting)Where he basically said that he hoped I didn't get aids, even though I probably deserve it" and that I was a "Fudge pushing queer." We had never even said hello, yet I was fit to get aids, and my faith was not strong enough...I am sorry that I got angry, but things like that do not typically fill you with sunshine, and happiness.You, "Andrew", are a pathetic individual who feels the need to lash out because of their own insecurities, and feels like they are somehow fit to judge a situation that they understand very little of. Have a great day.

  4. Haha thanks paul...I get a little heated sometimes, obviously...Thanks for the comment. Middle ground is sometimes hard to find. I just don't like how what really was a good hearted gesture ended up so bloody...I think that a kid, who spent 5 years in L.A. being openly gay, and doing the things gay guys do...Can suddenly turn around and say that I didn;t have enough faith...This kid doesn't know me, or even that the "pray away" method does not work... :( sorry...
    But again, thank you for your comment.

  5. Andrew is a nice person. They weren't lashing out.

    Take time to pull it back and rationalize your thoughts before exploding all over the place. You're going to meet a lot of people who will judge you without knowing you. You just made assumptions about a stranger yourself.

    By responding to negativity in a like manner, we get nowhere. More hateful feelings are perpetuated, and we get stuck sinking.

    Maybe that guy won't accept a good hearted gesture just yet, but by launching a counterattack to his mean-hearted comments he might be left with a bad impression that can keep the door shut longer.

    You could have ignored his message. It's your choice---, and it always will be.

  6. Touche, but science isn't always the answer. I want to be a politician, and I want to change things...And there was nothing "nice" about his message, it was derogatory, immature, and unnecessary. This is a blog, not an open forum. I would appreciate it if maybe I could rant in peace, and not be judged horrifically for it. I write so that I can be encouraged, and can become better, not so that someone who is afraid to even place contact information can cut me down. Is it irrational to think that "Andrew" could react a little better, and a little less aggressively to a post that had NOTHING to do with him?? Paul, I really was rather collected when I responded, I am just a critical person. What would have been said in a low, but slightly cutting manor seemingly appeared as an irrational temper tantrum. I wrote to ----- so that he would feel less alone, and he effective wished me aids...That isn't something I joke about, it is a horrible disease, and no one deserves to die like aids victims do...
    (Wonderful use of the last phrase, btw. I don't mean to sound callous, but I am immune to effective retorts, even though yours was well placed, and well versed. It comes from being a debater, and someone who pulls similar cards.
    (BHG not logged on...Because I am lazy :D )


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