Saturday, June 12, 2010

My exceptionally harsh rebuttal...(Too much?...)

This is what I said in dispute of a post by Andy Foree...Needless to say I was quite furious...

"I am sorry, I know that I don't know you very well but I feel impressed to say this.

Do what you feel is right; no matter what others define as right. You are your own person and should not be influenced by outside forces. (even though this message may seem influential) You are obviously at a cross road and it seems to me like you are taking the easy route. Now before you get angry, allow me to explain. It is not easy in the obvious sense. Why it is easy, is because it involves NO risk, you will never have your heart broken, your peers will respect you, your bishop will use you as an object lesson that just makes it so much harder for kids like me! It is a submission for the measly reward of sociatial approval. You playing the part of the lamb, when you could play the loin! Just because it will be easier in an overall sense, does not mean it will be worth it. You seem to, in my limited understanding of your situation, be conforming to the will of the majority. And the sentence that truly bothered me was "The decision that is right for me, my dear friends, is to follow the map that God has prepared." In ever religion I have ever heard of there have been spiritual experiences that prove to that individual that their church is correct, and with that in mind realize that the Mormon Church is only offering one road! In any map I have ever seen there is ALWAYS more than one way, or road, that leads to the eventual goal! I know, through inspiration outside of the Church, that the path I am on is right FOR ME! My path is not the path for everyone! And just like mine isn’t, neither is Uchtdorf's, or god's as you see fit to define it, the ONLY path. Sadly, only1 in 10 people will ever truly understand the part of you that you are deeming unworthy, so I advise to take the condemnation of your peers, in the church, with a grain of sugar : ). In the end, the choice you will be making is to either live your life the way you were programmed to, or to sacrifice your life for an eternity defined by those with as limited an understanding of who you are as a mountain goat. Many of the people who have helped you reach the decision you have made simply do not have the capacity to understand. Know that you may end up like many of the “MoHo's” on the "blogisphere", forty, divorced, filled with regret, bitter, and confused. (To any 40 year old “moho's” no offence meant. I just wish you had known how it would end up.) You are not the first to take the path, and you won’t be the last. But PLEASE don't throw away your life for your eternity.

(I know that you expressed desires to not try to change our minds, but I was extremely angered by the assumption in the last statement. You said "and I have never, voiced an opinion against your personal decisions for happiness." Yet, you condemn any don't follow your path as those who are not following god. The two are NOT mutually exclusive! You are not, and neither is any man but himself, fit to define "the map." I am very sorry I have gotten so heated...I am an avid debater, and what you said, though I know it was unintentional…boiled my blood, and I am very slow to anger...sorry but I just can't stand back and let you believe that such talk is not sharp, or condemning and dangerous! Many times it is the things that you don’t say that hurt the most. You spoke in a way that a year ago would have made me feel like scum, and will likely do the same to any young readers of your post. Adding your unconditional love at the end, does nothing to soften the blow of your condemnation. If your “love” for me comes with conditional approval because I have decided to follow my heart, and my soul, than please; keep it...) "

Anyone who is reading this on either side of the fence, I don't know you, you don't know me, but know this: You matter, you are more than a label, you are a friend waiting to happen! I cannot and will not say I love you, Because At this point...I probably don't even know you...haha...But I do know that I would like to know you and that if I do, I will probably end up loving you. And if you EVER want to talk just send me an email. I matter, you matter...I know that now...and if you need help seeing your own worth, well than I can, and would be delighted to help.



  1. Stay angry young man... at least for now. find you firm footing and know for every simple answer given to you by the well-intentioned...more complex questions come is a dance...and some are better dancers than others ;)

  2. I can live with the angry...But I hate the Young man part...I swear, though the anger may be seen as immaturity, I have been 25 since I was 12...I just hate ignorance, and getting drunk and having a bad dating experience does not make that man fit to condemn something barely understands...Arrg the frustration...One day, when I am president of New Zealand, things will be under my terms...*Earthquake in Zimbabwe*...Ohh no, there goes the world again...But thank you Old man (Couldn't resist :)


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