Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Found ya'

Bravone is a silly guy, we ended up figuring out who each other is via FB and Blogging. I think It ended up being one of the funniest, and most odd Experiences ever...Here is why:

At first I thought he was someone else, someone that I had taken a class with in school a while back...That ended up not being the case! After complaining about some of "Our" ignorant class mates and letting him know that I had never crushed on him, or anything like that. Then after finding out a few min. later that he was 30ish years my surety in his identity sure did change!...Ohhh The joy's of the Internet!

Thank you Bravone for the odd...yet humorous situation that ended with me only making a HUGE fool of myself...

Isn't being found out SO much worse that telling others? I have found that to be 100% true...



  1. Sorry for any angst! It was you after all who sent the friendship request!

  2. Haha well because it was someone "I knew" And I just had to post it...The wonders of the Internet! Haha

  3. Now I want to figure out who you are! :)

    I may have found you through Bravone's Facebook.

  4. Ha ha! Good luck sir! Keep in mind that I will find you out as well if you send me the request, that is assuming you find me : )

  5. I love learning things through Facebook. I'm not the only one. Wink, wink, David and Romulus.


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