Friday, April 30, 2010

The Beginning of Butterflies and Hand-Grenades

Hello there blog world...hahaha sometimes I make myself laugh...obviously. I have heard from so many places and from so many people that homosexuality is not compatible with happiness and I have never heard anyone tell me there story and it be contradictory. All I have ever seen it bring in my own life is cruelty and sadness and like anyone on a dry and dead lawn I can't help but picture and hope for greener grass. I really feel like I need some hope, any success stories?

Btw I am at this point a (as strange as it sounds) an agnostic Mormon and it is due to the endless hypocrisy I have seen the attitude of love the sinner hate the sin towards homosexuals when they have committed no sin besides having been born different, in addition the attitude and disdain that is attached to their "love" that kind of "love" is a love no sane person could ever want. I believe in many of the ideals of Mormonism but I cannot picture life without someone in it. I believe that "people are meant to go through this world two by two"-Our Town, but I don't think that two by two means only people who the world defines as "straight" deserve that happiness...and I am truly tired of lying...


  1. Welcome to the Mormon queerosphere. Would you like this blog listed in the MoHo Directory?

  2. BHG, I too welcome you. I agree that we did not choose our sexuality. I also believe that we are meant to have joy in this life, and that you will find yours. I respect your journey as uniquely yours, and wish you success along your way.

  3. Hey buddy,I (like to think that I) am a success. You say you lie in a brown lawn and hope for greener grass. I can't tell you how best to deal with that (for it is your journey my friend) :) but sometimes it takes time, sometimes it takes a little water, and sometimes it takes some seriously hard work, but always always it takes love. Feel free to email me ( if you ever need someone to talk to. (you can skype me or chat on MSN, or text or call me as well) It was not long ago that I was 16 and felt like every step that I took was a lie and every work I spoke was a betrayal to my soul. Remember no matter how lonely the road may seem there is always someone else along the road waiting to cross your path. They may be just waiting round the bend. They may be headed your way, or they may just linger for a moment. Each person, however, will leave part of themselves with you and take a part of you with them.


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